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At Aplus Academy, we've developed a strong, well-rounded curriculum to set your child apart. We've also designed programs to focus on your child's social, emotional, and physical development. Each week has its own unique theme that will engage and inspire the children. You can check out the themes for the school year on our calendar. 


  1. Read, Write, and Count up to 100

  2. Compare and Order Numbers

  3. Counting Forwards and Backwards, Tally Marks

  4. Identify & Classify Colors and Shapes

  5. Identify and Understand Locations 

  6. Identify, Compare & Order Sizes, Weights and Capacities

  7. Identify and Draw Patterns

  8. Read and Understand Time

  9. Identify, Count and Compare Money

  10. Picture Addition & Subtraction

  11. Addition & Subtraction


  1. Parts of the Body

  2. Senses, Feelings and Emotions 

  3. Health and Nutrition 

  4. Safety 

  5. Weather 

  6. Color and Light

  7. Trees and Flowers

  8. Animals


  1. Identify, Trace & Write Letter

  2. Patterns with Letters

  3. Consonant Sounds and Letters

  4. Short Vowels

  5. Color, Number, and Location Words

  6. Sight Words

  7. Word Recognition 

  8. Rhymes

  9. Blends and Syllables 

  10. Understand Stories and Sequences

  11. Read and Write Sentences 

  12. Match Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives with Pictures


  1. Cultures 

  2. Communities

  3. Community Helpers 

    • People Who Keep Us Safe

    • People Who Keep Us Healthy 

    • People Who Build Our Community 

    • People/Places in Our Community That Provide Food

  4. Holidays, Celebrations, and Special Days

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