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2020 Summer Virtual Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who competed. We are proud of all your hard work. Congratulations to our winners!

K-1 Math Bee

First Place: Sree Prajwal Pichikala

Second Place: Samay Salelkar

K-1 Spelling Bee

First Place: Vaishnavi Dingari

Second Place: Ishan Mahendhiran

Third Place: Shristi Navaneeth

2-4 Math Bee

First Place: Arima Manivendan Arul

Second Place: Aarish Sunkireddy

Third Place: Thirulochana Athiganoor Selvakumar

2-4 Spelling Bee

First Place: Aarish Sunkireddy

Second Place (Tie): Sai Shamanth Tirumalasetty, Srihan Kollipara, & Baby Padmavathi Udayagiri

5-6 Math Bee

1st Place: Satya Achanti

5-6 Spelling Bee

1st Place: Sanjay Vontala

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