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Math - Virtual

Rules & Guidelines

  • Contestants must have access to a laptop with Zoom to participate in both rounds. All rounds will be recorded, but only the oral round will be live to the public. Parents should not be present during the written round. Questions for both rounds are not limited to those provided for practice. 

  • Round 1 - Written Round: Contestants will have 40 minutes to answer 30 questions. Calculators are  allowed for Level 4. Contestants may have a pencil and blank sheet(s) of paper for scratch work.

    • During the round, a proctor will be present to monitor contestants and act as a timekeeper. If the proctor suspects a contestant is cheating, the contestant will be disqualified. The proctor's decision is final. 

    • Contestants must have their cameras on and microphones muted. Contestants should ask their questions before the contest begins. Once the contest begins, questions will not be allowed.

    • Contestants should type their answer into the form as soon as they have an answer. Submit the answer to move on to the next blank  / input box. 

  • Qualifying to Round 2: To qualify for the oral round, contestants will have to meet or exceed a benchmark score on the written round. Each grade will have its own benchmark score. This score will determine who and how many students will compete in the oral round.

    • There are no limits on the number of students, who can compete in the oral round. 

  • Round 2 - Oral Round: Contestants, who qualify, will compete against other contestants in their level. Calculators are not allowed during this round. 

    • During the round, a judge and presenter will be present. ​The judge will keep track of the contestants' answers. The presenter will share the questions over Zoom. All of the contestants will be in a Zoom session together. One contestant at a time will be asked to unmute and answer the question. Cameras must be on at all times.

    • If the contestant answers the question incorrectly, s/he will be eliminated. If the contestant answers the question correctly, s/he will move on to the next round. The rounds will continue until one contestant is left. The final contestant must answer one more question. If s/he answers correctly, s/he will be declared the winner, but if s/he answers incorrectly, the round starts over with the last two contestants. 

    • Contestants will have 90 seconds to answer each question. 

  • Disqualification / Consequences: As with any event, we ask that you are honest. Anyone suspected of cheating will be disqualified and will not be allowed to compete in any future events. 

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